10. Sprinkle some dust on your daughter before she leaves. Explain, "It
makes fingerprinting easier."

9. Challenge him at arm wrestling.

8. Introduce him to your good friend Ken Starr.

7. Walk on stilts.

6. Casually show him your collection of five shrunken heads, then yell up to
your daughter, "Number six is here."

5. Come to the door bare-chested. Do a lot of flexing.

4. Introduce him to the family by calling each family member to the living
room using a whistle, then making them stand at attention and salute.

3. Answer the door in a straight jacket.

2. As they leave, talk into a walkie-talkie, "Subject is wearing khakis and
a blue polo shirt, driving a green Ford."

1. Say, "Let's pray."

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